A Quote and a Question

Happy Friday! I spent this week at work wondering what I wanted to blog about. I had many disjointed ideas in my head with no vision for how to put them together in a way that would add value to busy readers. Then this morning on my run, literally in the final hour, “Still Loving You” by the Scorpions came up on my playlist and suddenly the idea of how to put it all together came tumbling into my mind. It had nothing to do with the words of the song, but something about his tangy, mournful tenor sound said, “Come on Lisa, figure it out!”  So here we go! For the record, my trusted editor is in Texas visiting family so please forgive my errors. Come back soon, Rae!

A quote for insight:

A recent article from Thrive Global talks about what happened to me this morning. Where do decisions hatch for you? “If the right decision were nestled inside an egg, you couldn’t force the egg to hatch. Important work decisions are like that, too. They don’t come when you force them. Outside-the-box solutions tend to appear while you are doing other things — vacuuming or rearranging your desk — because they need the opportunity to hatch on their own.” If we’re always in high performance mode (high energy, high engagement) and we don’t take time to dial down our energy, we don’t give our mind time to refresh and recover. Give yourself the gift of renewal this weekend and the simplest or silliest thing might give you the insight you’ve been looking for.

Question for reflection:

As leaders and managers, we often take on the role of the hero. We want to jump in and fix things, solve the problem and make everything better. What would happen if we moved from hero to coach? What that would look like is could you stay curious a little longer and rush to action and advice-giving a little more slowly? What might be possible if we stay in questioning longer and resist telling more?

I’m still loving you friendly reader,

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