The Times Are Changing

One of my favorite coaching questions is, “What was most useful or most valuable for you here?” This is a great learning question after something has happened or changed.

The last time I remember really asking myself this question was when the twin tours fell on 9/11. I was living in NYC at the time. I worked seven blocks from the towers and I had to walk home that day. I remember stepping outside my building and seeing everything covered in ash. Nothing was moving — not cars, taxis or buses. It was unsettling. I had placed wet paper towels over my nose and mouth because we really didn’t know what the air would be like. Walking home, I remember being amazed at the outpouring of kindness shown to others. People had their doors open and were offering water and blankets to people in need. Stores were giving away water and energy drinks. I asked myself, “Will things ever be the same?”

We may be asking ourselves that same question now. We may feel very unsettled and unsure. That’s understandable. Now, more than ever is a time to dig deep and find a courage and a strength you didn’t know you had. What have you learned about yourself? What have you learned about this situation? What is useful and helpful for you now? What can you do to move forward? I have asked myself these questions as a state employee, a mother/daughter/wife, and as a human being. Because we are whole, capable and creative beings, we can learn from this and move forward even stronger.

If anyone would like to share insights or talk through questions, I love to listen and would be happy to talk with you. Don’t hesitate to reach out.

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